5 Tips to Silence Your Inner Critic

Some time ago, I desperately wanted to be anyone but me. My whole life existed only in this confined box where the rules were so….let’s say precise. Don’t wear bright colors. You look like a clown in them. Don’t smile to wide. You’ll show your buck teeth.  Don’t speak up. You have nothing valuable to offer. I was suffocating in this box until the day I decided I was tired of gasping for breath.

We all have an inner critic. And if given the chance, our inner critic will make us feel as invaluable as humanly possible. And trust me, that’s an awful way to live your life. So, without further ado I want to share five tips that helped me overcome my inner critic and bust out of my confined box.

  • Separate Yourself From Your Inner Critic

Give your inner critic a name. The whole idea is to think of your inner critic as a separate human being thus creating distance between the two of you. By doing this you acknowledge that you are not the problem. The problem is that you are believing what your inner critic is telling you. This makes it ten times easier to face your inner critic head on.

Check out this Psychology Today article to learn more about naming your inner critic.

  • Accept Your Inner Critic

One of the greatest things I’ve learned to do is to live my best life in spite of those things I can’t change. You can’t make your inner critic go away. It’s apart of you. Those negative and discouraging thoughts will probably always pop up in your head. However, you get to choose who has reign over your life-you or your inner meanie.

  • Notice What Your Inner Critic is Saying

Listen to what’s going on in your head. Start journaling what your thoughts are telling you. This is a good way to keep track of how your thoughts are making you feel. You’ll be surprised how much your thoughts affect your confidence.

  • Challenge Your Inner Critic

Don’t believe everything you think. Challenge your negative and irrational thoughts with more positive and rational ones. Whatever it is your inner critic is telling you, don’t believe it. This is your life. You call the shots.

  • Be Kind to Yourself

Talk to yourself as if you were talking to your closet friend. Instead of listening to your inner critic, cut yourself some slack. You’re not perfect. No one is. So, stop the fat shaming and stop the degrading self-talk. Love your whole being-flaws included.

Check out this short film, “Am I Pretty Enough.” It’s a simple yet powerful film calling out a few things your inner critic brings along with it-negative thoughts, irrational beliefs, insecurity, tears, etc.


Also, comment below and share with me your best tips for overcoming your inner meanie!


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