How To Be A Girl Boss Struggling With Depression

When my summer break started, I began feeling completely overwhelmed. One of my biggest fears is not accomplishing my goals. However, I’m not sure where I want my life, career wise, to go. I was racking my mind for days trying to force myself to come up with the perfect plan to do this summer to get me closer to a future I don’t even know what entails. I was falling asleep and waking up feeling stressed, unable to think about anything else, and feeling like my depression was taking over.

Luckily, I have a few sure fire tricks up my sleeve that helped me pull myself out of that funk and I’m sure will help you too.

Manage your thoughts

“The tongue has power of life and death”

The same goes for your thoughts. If you think thoughts like, “what was I thinking? I can’t do this” or “I’m just not good enough”, that’s going to have a direct affect on how you feel and therefore, how you act. We don’t have control over a thought popping into our head. Our control starts once the thought is in our head. You decide how it affects you. You decide whether or not to challenge that thought with truth and positivity.

Just to get you started, I created a free downloadable worksheet that will help you start organizing and challenging those irrational thoughts.

Always have inspiration at hand.

Depression has the ability to steal your drive, your joy, your passions, or anything and everything you let it. Depression is a straight up thug. It follows no rules. It shows no mercy. It strikes when and where it wants. So you need to be armed at all times. Always have truth and inspiration at hand. Things like reading a relatable devotional or creating an inspirational mood board and hanging it on your wall can go a long way. I wouldn’t have even started this blog if it hadn’t been for God’s word. We need constant renewal to keep our minds on track and our ambition sharpened.

Stay Focused

Keep your ultimate goal close. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? When you remember why you started in the first place it provides instant motivation. For instance, I started this blog to empower young women. Whenever I get discouraged, I remind myself of that. Instantly, I want to keep going. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, you started it for a reason. Stay focused on that reason.

Keep a journal

Whether you suffer from depression or not, it’s crazy how easily we forget all that we have now. Get a journal and write down the all the times you were proudest of yourself or list all the blessings bestowed upon you. Use it to remind yourself that you are improving and that you are moving toward your dream.

Keep Going

Don’t stop. Yes, it gets tiring, but the outcome of feeling content, peaceful, and encouraged is worth it. Download the free worksheet. Let that be apart of your starting point, but don’t stop there. Keep going. I don’t know if my depression will ever go away. I don’t have control over that. What I do have control over, are my actions and how I fight my depression. Go hard or prepare to lose.

Manage your thoughts WS

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