Hey y'all!

I'm Joy.

Welcome to the beginning of my wompire (women+empire=wompire) 🙂

I study journalism in the city of brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

Not long ago, I was in a very dark place where depression, anxiety, insecurity, and fear ran control over my life. I felt like I had no say over my thoughts, emotions, or actions. Something else was ruling my life and I was completely miserable.

Through that dark period of my life, I realized how not only broken and insecure I was, but how broken and insecure many of the lovely girls around me were. I mean, why do we tear each other down so much? Why do we feel so threatened when a beautiful girl walks in the room? Why are we so afraid to show people our authentic selves? Well, wherever we got it from, it ends here.

My Moxie is just a snapshot of my burning passion to empower young women. I want to take back my joy, my ambition, my confidence, and my life, but also I want to help you do the same. My Moxie is my way of saying "enough is enough."

Lets inspire one another!

I want to be a girl with Moxie. Don’t you?

My Moxie blog is here to create a community that encourages young women to live their lives to the absolute fullest. I look around and see too many ladies being controlled by fear, insecurity, depression, anxiety, frustration, etc. All of which halt us from living with purpose, joy, and confidence. My Moxie is here to inspire and encourage you to stretch your limits, build your confidence, sharpen your nerve, express the authentic you, and so much more.